Water-Tite Waterproofing System

Foundation Waterproofing for Your New Michigan Home

Before building a new home in Southern Michigan, it is important to consider how the basement and foundation will be protected from moisture and condensation. Cracks, breaks, condensation and that old, musty damp smell in basements are all the result of ineffective waterproofing systems. Water-Tite Home Waterproofing uses a multi-layered, state of the art insulation and waterproofing system to help keep water out and your environment stable.

The Water-Tite waterproofing system consist of two layers: The waterproofing membrane that is sprayed directly onto the foundation walls, and a rigid fiberglass drainage and insulation board that is applied on top of the membrane. These two components act to reduce hydrostatic pressure, pulling water away from the walls, and insulating your home’s foundation to prevent water entry and condensation inside your basement.

State of the Art Technology put to Work for Your Home

Our waterproofing combines the newest technology in polymer-enhanced asphalt, creating a flexible waterproof membrane around the foundation of your home, locking water out and keeping moisture out of your basement. The membrane is tougher and more resilient than traditional damp proofing materials, and is guaranteed for 30 years to keep your basement clear of water and moisture.

Trust The Experts to Keep your Home Free from Water Damage

Water-Tite’s home waterproofing is Southern Michigan’s home waterproofing experts, and have helped keep hundreds of new homes safe from water damage and condensation inside basements and crawlspaces. We work with new home owners, builders and subcontractors to install our custom Waterproofing system directly onto your new home’s foundation.

Our system is guaranteed to keep your basement dryer, longer, then any other waterproofing or exterior insulation system on the market today.